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Dear _ _ _ _ _ _,

I hope you're sat down reading this, because you will NEVER believe the morning I've just had!

So, as I was leaving _ _ _ _ _ _ I bumped right into _ _ _ _ _ _ wearing... wait for it... a SKIMPY PINK LEOTARD!

Turns out they had got completely lost trying to find _ _ _ _ _ _. Obviously I knew the way, so they dialled for their personal horse and cart and we jumped in. Talk about travelling in style!!

To top it off, once we arrived it turns out _ _ _ _ _ _ is a pro jelly wrestler, and challenged me to a match. I’ve never had so much fun in all my life (I won by the way!)

Anyway _ _ _ _ _ _, I think a story like that deserves a little celebration! So let’s go grab _ _ _ _ _ _ and head down to Beefeater. I may even treat you to a T-Bone steak if you’re lucky!

See you soon,
_ _ _ _ _ _